Sheikh Sultan Award
Sheikh Sultan Award
Celebrating the Spirit of Youth

About Us


The award is founded to reward the youth for their accomplishments. It aims at building youth that are proactive, responsible, wise, strong, open-minded and compassionate. It consists of three medals based on the level of difficulty. In each medal, there are specific sections that participants need to accomplish from the following: volunteering, adventure, skills and hobbies. In each section, certain hours must be finished as per the requirements of the medal that is chosen. When all hours are completed, participants can register and upload all documents and videos of their achievements on their account on the award’s website.

The target audience is young adults of both gender aged from 13 to 18. The requirements of the three medals should be completed before the participants 19th birthday. However, the award encourages participants to continue achieving even after receiving the award as they will realize the benefits of this for themselves as individuals and their society.

Our goal is to build youth who are responsible, strong, confident, open-minded, tolerant, compassionate and giving.


Youth who can challenge themselves to recognize and embrace their potential.


To recognize youth for their ability to overcome challenges.