Sheikh Sultan Award
Sheikh Sultan Award
Celebrating the Spirit of Youth


Participants should choose the hobby that they would like to practice from the hobbies list, and document it through a video. Since it is a hobby, the participants do not have to choose a provider as they are practicing it alone and working on developing it either through YouTube, a friend or any other source. This is a self-learning section.

Conditions of completing the section:
  • The video should be between 5 to 10 minutes long; it should include the following:
    • Clips showing the participant practicing their hobby.
    • Mentioning the sources through which the hobby was developed. For example, YouTube or a friend.
    • How this hobby benefited them.
  • Any hobby chosen should not have been selected in the Skills section, this means no repeated skills are accepted in the hobbies section.
    • The hobby should not be collecting items such as stamps, coins etc.
Hobbies fields
1 Purposeful blog or vlog
2 Learning a new language
3 Caricature
4 Composing comic books
5 Arabic\ English Calligraphy
6 Sculpturing
7 Magic games
8 Making Ornaments\Candles\Figures
9 Sewing\ crocheting\ knitting
10 Fashion design
11 Farming
12 Fishing
13 Feng Shui
14 Purposeful podcasts
15 Learning sign language / Braille language
16 Graphics
17 Phone applications design
18 Carpentering
19 Barista
20 Visiting archaeological sites
21 Bicycle repairing
22 Drawing on glass
23 Printing on fabric
24 Montage