Sheikh Sultan Award
Sheikh Sultan Award
Celebrating the Spirit of Youth


Participants should choose the field of volunteering that they would like from the list of volunteering fields.

Conditions of completing the section:
  • Volunteering should not be in organizing events unless these events serve a good cause.
  • Completing the required hours.
Volunteering fields
1 Animal care
2 Water\meal distribution to Laborers
3 Gathering donations
4 Distribution of Eid joy boxes to beneficiary families
5 Take the senior citizens in trip
6 Caring for senior citizens
7 Reading for Children or senior citizens
8 Teaching orphans
9 Accompanying orphans and organizing trips for them
10 Organizing events that serve charity and awareness cause
11 Participating in campaigns that serve a good cause
12 Participating in interactive activities with students of special needs.
13 Participating in building schools
14 Participate in interactive activities with autistic children