Sheikh Sultan Award
Sheikh Sultan Award
Celebrating the Spirit of Youth


Questions & Answers
Who can apply for the award?

All youth aged between 13 to 18

Where can I apply for the award?

Through the award’s website, registration page.

What is the evaluation procedure of the applications?

All applicants are deserving of the award if they finish all the requirements for the level they applied for.

What are the required documents?

Please visit the terms and conditions page.

I have finished hours in some sections a while ago, can I use my documents to apply for this award?

Yes, only if the documents are no longer than 2 years old and the provider is an authorized one.

Can I apply for the award if I am 18 and few months?

You can as long as you haven’t reached your 19th birthday

Can I choose a skill, hobby, or provider from outside the authorized list?

Please contact the award.

For more enquiries, please contact the award on the following: